Wednesday, 21 May 2008

What's the purpose?

I hadn't understood this question since Ollie had asked me earlier. My 'audience' had just been anyone really, the images are meant to be very.. involving.

But in a professional context, it hit me. I may have mentioned this earlier but to clarify, I'm working these images in the strain of developmental work. I had made some attempt at this using photoshop to colour but.. because I confused what time of the day it was in all the images, hadn't used colour and apparantly just arn't that good at photoshop, the images didn't feel right.

After seeing some of Ollie's work on a Reebok ad that he storyboarded, my sense of direction strengthened and I decided to just use pencil to create the 'stills' I was making; as if they'd come from some large storyboard. (Sorry if you didn't want me putting these on here Ollie)

So hashed strokes to indicate colour fills all round then. (Except, I try a couple of other methods as well to varying degrees of sucess).

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