Wednesday, 21 May 2008

The sequence anew and mini evaluation.

So here are the redone images, all 6 of them pencil rendered for storyboard or development use.

I was unsure of them at first but looking over them now, for their purpose I think they are more then workable. Not too bad for a quick job.

I have to say that I prefer the first image because it shows my attempts to capture light refracting off the tentacles underwater well and although its maybe a bit over shaded for my previously stated 'hatching' efforts, it's a pretty strong image.

3,4 and 6 look a bit wooden to me. I have added more energy in the waves of 3 but the pointing finger on it's own seems very.. relaxed. I think if I had some more time, then adding more people overall and just more.. OOMPH! more action, more twisted and hurried movements in the poses shown to really get across this sense of danger and suspense would be necessary. Or if not more, then just focusing the image on these elements instead.

I would like to see alot more atmosphere in 6 especially because again, although the boat is being torn apart a little more ferociously than previously had been, the character rowing away appears from his stance that he couldn't care less about what was taking part in front of him.

I really need to spend some time talking and studying how to bring emotion into pieces and poses. Also, as I'd mentioned earlier, tips on making a picture just LOOK better, so that someone might want to actually look at them. I know that these images are meant for developmental purpose but still.. like in 4 especially I think, they look really rough and duller as a result.

In number 2, I'd brought the hands down so that they appear to be more natural to the positioning of how your hands might pose in that situation. This had been mentioned in the crit so.. I went ahead and rectified it.

I still wish that I had taken a lighter and much less form of both drawing and drawing style to make a storyboard more along the lines of the one shown below and had I had the time in these last 2 weeks, I would definatly would have made some attempt to get close to it. The vibrance and simplicity of the flat harmonious and mood-giving colours make this little narrative a real work of art in its own rights and I would love to do something like this as soon as I can find a window.

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