Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Under water view development sketches.

Yeah, here i'm trying to rectify the problem of people not being able to percieve what the first image in the sequence is by making it more obvious that you are looking from 'inside' the central view of a cephlapod. So, lots of tentacles everywhere whilst trying to work with the composition of the image and figuring out how a tentacle would look if it came from under your eye line and out in front of you.

I also redrew the 'descending' image completely to rework the perspective on it so that I could get the tentacles really popping out of the image but.. its very messy and difficult to tell whats going on. Like I mentioned before though, I'm pushed for time in these two weeks so unfortunatly this is going to have to do so I can move on.

I've added bubbles to the image to spark off the idea of water and movement but they're difficult to percieve in the mess.

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