Wednesday, 21 May 2008

2 More Weeks?!

So.. rather than just ending, we were assigned two more weeks to further develop our projects. Hmm.

What I chose to do with my time is to take what I could gather from the final crit we mustered up and apply what some people said about my work to the pieces I had presented.

The biggest parts I took away from that crit were that, my photoshop skills didn't work in my favour to present my images with some people actually liking the image in the escape raft specifically due to it's hand drawn-ness. Also that the colour and non-uniform shape of the 'kraken's eye view' image didn't work. In fact, the image itself was pretty confusing; alot of people had difficulty discerning exactly what was going on so I would need to clear this up a bit.

I know that I'd said that I should've gone down the doodle route in my earlier evaluation, but this extra two weeks is taken up with other projects really so.. I don't have the time to twist it down that direction. So, it's another crack at the storyboard approach.

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